‘Icon of the Seas’ docks on shores of St Marteen with 7,600 passengers 

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World’s largest cruise, ‘Icon of the Seas,’ graced the shores of St Marteen with its inaugural call with 7,600 passengers on Tuesday. The Royal Caribbean’s cruise docked in Philipsburg at 6:30 am. It is to be noted that the cruise prepared to depart at the end of the day around 7:00 pm.

The island eagerly welcomed the opportunity to showcase its rich culture and warm hospitality.

The vessel and its passengers were welcomed and greeted at St Marteen by the officials of Port St Marteen Group (PSG) and the Royal Caribbean International (RCI) to commemorate the cruise’s inaugural voyage with government officials and key stakeholders. 

Icon of the Seas arrived at shores of St Marteen. (Credits: Good Morning Saint Lucia - Vibes at Sunrise, Facebook)
Icon of the Seas arrived at the shores of St Marteen. (Credits: Good Morning Saint Lucia – Vibes at Sunrise, Facebook)

Port St Marteen expressed their happiness and joy and congratulated the Royal Caribbean Internation on its newest icon of the seas, which is a milestone achievement for the cruise industry.

“We will continue to work with RCI to increase and improve the experience for guests as a cruise destination when we look at the water park project to be constructed next to Port St Marteen. The RCI brand is also highly valued by the business community”, remarked Port of St Marteen Group.

It is worth noting that the Caribbean port bid farewell to an approximately 250,800 gross-ton cruise ship with a display of celebratory fireworks which illuminated the night sky. The show will take place closer to the scheduled departure time, and guests will be able to enjoy the celebrations from their balconies, cabins or on the deck. 

Further, the island nation will see a positive impact on its tourism season. Moreover, it will foster the growth of the tourism sector and enhance its economy. 

World's largest cruise, Icon of the Seas. (Credits: Good Morning Saint Lucia - Vibes at Sunrise, Facebook)
World’s largest cruise, Icon of the Seas. (Credits: Good Morning Saint Lucia – Vibes at Sunrise, Facebook)

The largest Royal Caribbean cruise brought a wave of excitement and joy among the locals and visitors as well. The passengers are encouraged to engage themselves in the vibrant array of beaches, historic sites and teeming local markets. 

Further, the passengers were provided with all kinds of amenities, from access to multiple pools offering panoramic views of the open seas, a dining area with mouth-watering delicacies, and entertainment venues such as theatre. 

The arrival of the world’s largest cruise marked a monumental moment for both the island and the maritime industry. People of St Marteen expressed their joy and excitement through their comments on social media (Facebook).

While reacting to the post, a person named Susan Kiser commented, “Wow is right…..saw it coming into port. She is breathtaking.”

Additionally, the collaboration between RCI and PSG exemplifies with Icon’s inaugural call that cruise opportunities for the destination will continue to grow in 2024, and that travel will be one of the highlights throughout the year.

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