“Homes were delivered to residents amid Tropical Storms threat,” says PM Andrew Holness
“Homes were delivered to residents amid Tropical Storms threat,” says PM Andrew Holness

Jamaica: Prime Minister Andrew Holness praises the government for providing homes and housing units under the New Social Housing Programme amid the threat of a Tropical Storm looming around.

PM Andrew Holness, while expressing the feeling of threat and comfort, he noted, “The feeling of being safe and dry inside your home as the rain falls heavily and consistently all around you is unlike anything else, and for these blessings, we give God thanks.”

Furthermore, he stated about the initiatives and hard work of the government and also pointed out the New Social Housing Programme. “I know many Jamaicans are not in the most comfortable conditions, and that is why we are working so hard through the New Social Housing Programme to deliver decent housing to more Jamaicans,” he said on social media.

He also informed that he ordered to deliver the handover of the homes to the residents as the weather condition in Jamaica was distorting hour by hour. The houses were provided to the residents in the Belrock community in PM’s constituency.

The social media post of the Prime Minister read, “On Friday, as soon as I got off the plane, my first order of business was to hand over homes to residents in the community of Belrock in my constituency whose homes were destroyed by fire in 2018.”

“I know they were relieved to collect their keys just as the rains began,” he added.

Currently, Jamaicans are witnessing a ravage of weather as heavy rainfall with gusty winds is all over the country.

The action of PM Andrew Holness was praised by the locals. One of the locals stated, “Jamaica is a blessed country; the Lord is not going to give us more than what we can bare.”

Yet another noted, “God bless you, Prime minister, that’s so good, helping the needed, keeping on doing what you love, it will return back to you someday.”