HelpAWS raises concern over limited space in shelter
HelpAWS raises concern over limited space in shelter
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Castries, Saint Lucia: HelpAWS has recently shared concern over the increased number of dogs and pups in their care.

“81… That is how many puppies we currently have in our care. With the increased number of pups we’ve taken in; lately, we need to find a way to get them to their forever homes,” noted the social media post by the dog shelter.

It further mentioned that flight parents are the most cost-effective way for us to get these babies to their forever homes but currently, travel to the Island is low. The only other option we have is to send our adopted babies to their forever homes via a cargo flight.

While sharing the concern, HelpAWS added, “Cargo flights are when we are able to send 12 dogs to Canada either to their adoptive or foster families. As many of you know, these flights rarely go as planned. The amount of logistics and paperwork it takes to coordinate, as well as ensuring Mother Nature is on our side, makes it extremely difficult.”

It additionally stated that these flights are also very expensive, and the pups travel for up to three days, which, as you can imagine, puts a lot of stress and confusion on our sweet little pups.

In the end, the post mentioned, “If one is travelling from St. Lucia to Canada or the US and would like to be a flight parent, then please message us here on Instagram or FB. Additionally, you can also help us cover the cost of cargo flights and care for all 81 babies we have right now by donating via Etransfer, PayPal or Zelle to or Venmo to @helpaws.”