Harrison’s Cave: Place in Barbados which splends wonders of nation

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Barbados: A small beautiful Island, Barbados holds all the beauty that can bring calm to the lives of many. In the beauty of Barbados, there are many places that are must visit and at the heart of it lies one of its greatest wonders, Harrison’s Cave.

Harrison’s Cave was opened in 1981 to the public. It is a stream cave system which is almost 2.3 kilometers long. Also, it’s considered as an active cave because there is water in it and is growing annually, leading towards the growth in geological terms.

The place holds all the adventure, which includes Discover Barbados film, Signature Tram Tour, Monkey Zipline, Gully Challenge Course, Pride of Barbados Nature Trail & Bird Aviary, Green Monkey Pool, Bar & Grill, Mount Gay history experience and Mount Gay Rum Tasting.

Visit Barbados, a social media page showcasing vibrant Barbadian culture featured Harrison’s Cave through a social media post. It also added, “Brace yourself for an experience like no other as you explore the stunning rock formations, crystal-clear pools, and underground waterfalls that it poses.” 

In the social media post, netizens expressed their own views on the beauty of the cave and appreciated it. Their words evidently revealed the uniqueness of the place. 

“An amazing place to see wonders of nature and God’s creation,” commented one.

“Fabulous! What the new management has done. It is once again a world class attraction,” mentioned another.

People just not only appreciated its beauty, however shared the experiences from the times they visited the place. People relived the moments of joy which they had lived at Harrison’s Cave. One of the visitors remembered his journey and said that, “went to Harrison’s Cave in Barbados in 2019.”

Another visitor quoted, ‘Been to Harrison’s Cave. Hope to go again soon. Love the Barbados.”

Such an expression by the visitor even raises the excitement level amongst others and directly towards promoting tourism. The positive words and the exciting words attract more and more tourists to the place and direct towards boosting the tourism sector of the country.

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