Haiti ends 2 weeks long rescue, search operation after quake

Haiti ends 2 weeks long rescue, search operation after quake
Haiti ends 2 weeks long rescue, search operation after quake

Operation of search and rescue ends in Haiti. 2 weeks of hard work and fear after 7.2 earthquakes struck Haiti, the mission concluded. The southern part of Haiti was shattered entirely on August 14. 

The National Emergency Operations Center COUN said that many different rescue teams have been working on the ground from the day Haiti got affected earthquake. During this rescue operation, many people have been taken out, those were trapped in the mountains of the Massif de la Hotte due to landslides.

Many rescue teams came from different countries globally, of which 154 rescuers came out of which 27 were women. The teams came from the United States, Colombia; France, Brazil; United Kingdom, Chile, the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

COUN technical director Jerry Chandler said, “We will publish the final report of this work based on the data collected, processed and analyzed with the support of OCHA.”

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Ariel Henry, speaking at the launch of the National Workshop on Post-Earthquake Damage Assessment (PDNA), reiterated his call for the local authorities to act quickly in providing assistance to those affected by the quake.

Different agencies were also running their rescue operations. Along with food and other relief material, the US military has been shifting many necessary items under the shift in the international relief efforts. The shifting is done to help the Haitians who are affected after the area gets hit by the recent earthquake of 7.2 magnitudes on August 14.

A few days back the Digicel International and Digicel Foundation started working together to enable a platform to collect the donation to help the families and the people in Haiti who had been badly affected by the 7.2 earthquake on August 14. 

Digicel would be collecting the funds at the donation platform donations.digicelinternational.com. Digicel International has decided to collect donations up to a total amount of $10,000USD to provide assistance to the Haitians affected. Digicel International took the initiative to provide immediate relief to the people in the South of Haiti.

Along with this, American lifestyle and performance footwear company Skechers provided assistance to the Caribbean island Haiti to help the nation with relief efforts after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake badly hit the island.

On Saturday, August 14, Haiti experienced a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Due to the earthquake, Haiti underwent many casualties. Many buildings are reported to collapse due to high magnitude shakes. The disaster-plagued Caribbean nation still recovering from a devastating 2010 quake.

When Haiti experienced the shakes, the people were rushing to find safe shelter. During that time, the epicentre was to the 160 KM west of the Capital Port-au-Prince, which is densely populated.