Guyana: Two people arrested for possessing 5.994 kgs of narcotics, netizens react

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Georgetown, Guyana: Two people were arrested for the offence of possessing 5.994 kg of narcotics under the operation conducted by the Customs and anti-narcotics officers on 30th March 2024. 

Both the suspects have been identified as 23-year-old Shanne Edward and 49-year-old Ken Subnar, residents of Fort Ordinance Village, East Berbice-Corentyne, Guyana

During the operation, the authorities held a search of the premises and found several bulky parcels of cannabis which were concealed in a freezer. As per the reports, the two male individuals who were present at the house were arrested during the operation.

Subsequently, the narcotics which were seized by the officers were later tested for cannabis and it weighed approximately 5.994 kg or 13.21 lbs with a street value of GUY $1.8 million. 

Moreover, the authorities are investigating the matter thoroughly and are trying to find the truth behind the offence they committed. 

Several residents of the community have demanded the authorities take stringent measures on the incident and share their views and opinions on the news. 

One person commented “Every time, we see that some or other person is getting arrested for possessing narcotics. I don’t understand why they themselves are trying to destroy their own lives, good work by authorities, but all these offenders should think twice before they do such kind of crimes as they are directly affecting the younger generation.”

Another person commented the following “Consuming narcotics is not good, It great work by the authorities that they arrested both the culprits, more such exercises should be conducted in order to finish the smuggling and consuming of drugs in Guyana.”

The citizens of the country have requested the administration of the country to implement strict policies and plans in order to curb the increasing crime rates in the nation and make the island nation, a drug-free and safe nation. The officers have shared that their vision is to protect every citizen of their country. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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