Guyana police nabs 4, recovers 8 fields of Cannabis Sativa plants

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The Guyana Police Service conducted an intelligence-led operation which resulted in the arrest of four people and the discovery of eight fields of Cannabis Sativa plants. The exercise was held on Monday, 15th January, between 4:00 and 11:30 hrs.

It is to be noted that the operation took place in Yarrowkabara, back off the Soesdyke/Linden Highway. The exercise consisted of several ranked officers from regional division 4B, and it was headed by an Assistant Superintendent from the Special Branch.

While conducting the search, the authorities found well-cultivated narcotics plants, which range from two feet to three feet in height, and it was discovered on eight fields measuring one hundred by two hundred square feet.

The people arrested by Guyana Police officials include a

  • 21-year-old painter of Hyde Park, Timehri, Miguel Gomes.
  • 25-year-old farmer of Circuit Road, Timehri, Fayon Reeves
  • 29-year-old labourer of Cummings Lodge, Munesh Ram
  • 35-year-old labourer of Cummings Lodge, Kishore Ram.

Notably, Miguel Gomes was found in a camp, and he took the officials to the field area where he was planting the cannabis plants. The authorities destroyed all the narcotic substances along with the camp. The authorities found and destroyed approximately one thousand plants.

According to the information, the higher-ranked officers found a quantity of dried cannabis in the eight camps where they apprehended the other three suspects.

The cannabis found in the camp by the officials were weighed and it amounted to 1700 grams. Along with that, the plants amounted to approx. five thousand plants.

As per the details, the four people were apprehended and all four suspects were also placed in custody.

Moreover, the residents of Guyana also expressed their opinions on the matter. One of the people with the Facebook account Haddaway More commented, “I’m not trying to justify what they did. But what happen to the licenses the government promise the Rastafarian community or people who are interesting for the planting of these plants. C’mon man instead of destroying, all these should have been profits all the Labour should have been employment and these youth should get help.”

While another person Manorva Hendricks commented the following “I don’t agree with this, why because it is a heavy work to reach to this point plus investment from your pocket government don’t give no help so why punished who trying for a daily bread.”

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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