Guyana: Labour Ministry shares testimonial of Marlyn Brown
Guyana: Labour Ministry shares testimonial of Marlyn BrownPicture Courtesy: BIT Guyana
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Guyana: Labour Ministry of the Republic of Guyana has shared the testimonial of Marlyn Brown, a primary school teacher, who is now able to fulfil her childhood passion of becoming a caterer, thanks to her certification in Commercial Food Preparation.

According to the ministry, she was one of thirty-six (36) residents of Region Nine who recently graduated from various vocational and technical programs offered by the Board of Industrial Training (BIT).


This success, however, was made possible after a friend informed her about the training programme on the last day of registration. Brown told BIT officials that she had come to terms with the fact that she would not be able to realize her dream, particularly since she had been involved in other activities.

As a result, being offered the opportunity to follow her passion of becoming a skilled cook is a dream come true for the ecstatic graduate. To this end, she expressed gratitude to BIT for resolving her long-lost ambition.

Brown now hopes to share her knowledge of how to make delicious, mouth-watering dishes, pastries, and beverages with her students during the fun day and cook-out competition. She also mentioned the possibility of sharing her talents with other women who were interested in a small workshop.

“I would encourage others to participate in this (Commercial Food Preparation) or any other Board of Industrial Training program,” she said. “However, you must be patient and make sacrifices in order to grow yourself because it was a difficult path for me, but if you want development, you will make the required decisions.”