Guyana: Labour Ministry, BIT praises four sisters for attaining Commercial Food Preparation
Guyana: Labour Ministry, BIT praises four sisters for attaining Commercial Food Preparation || Picture Courtesy: Ministry of Labour

Georgetown, Guyana: The Labour Ministry and the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) have shared an update regarding the certification ceremony of sisters who attain the certification in Commercial Food Preparation. While lauding the four sisters for their outstanding contribution, the ministry stated, “The saying, “A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, and a golden thread to life,” perfectly sums up four sisters who overcame all barriers to obtain certification from the Board of Industrial Training in Commercial Food Preparation.”

It further noted that they were among the 108 people who graduated from the Eccles Youth Skills Training and IT Centre with certificates in Commercial Food Preparation and Information Technology. But Charlene Joseph, the second oldest, was the one who decided to join the course and inspired her sisters to follow suit. This is how their success stories began.


As per the update, the mother of six, who hails from Swan Village in Kuru Kuru, claimed that she could not finish her high school education, making this chance one she could not pass up. “I was simply relieved to learn about the curriculum because I did not manage to complete my CXC, so this felt like my second opportunity to earn a certification. I pushed my sisters to join because I wanted them to experience this trip with me as well,” she said.

It further mentioned, “Charlene calls her experience a “life-changing” one since it allowed her to pick up new skills and practices that will help her advance as a professional caterer. She hopes to start a business with her sisters soon to showcase her incredible cooking skills.”

It also stated that Esther Joseph, the eldest of the four, stated that she had always wanted to receive training from the agency but had never had the opportunity. This, she claims, changed when her sister brought home the application forms. “When I saw the forms, I knew it was time to participate in the training programme, and I’m glad I did. Because now, as sisters, we can work together to elevate and better ourselves,” she explained.

“Whitney and Britney Williams, the youngest of the four, expressed similar sentiments, stating that the programme broadened their knowledge and skills in areas such as cooking and baking, among other things. Penelope Harris, a member of the Board of Industrial Training, commended the graduates for taking advantage of the free government training programmes to become employable,” the post read.

Also stated that she stated that today’s event is only a stepping stone and that they must strive to obtain additional educational opportunities in order to develop themselves and contribute to the developing country. Saskia Eastman-Onwuzirike, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Board of Industrial Training, thanked the graduates for recognising the importance of self-development and choosing the agency to assist them in this endeavour.

She stated that their determination is admirable and should serve as the foundation for everything they do in life, whether in the workplace or through other training programmes. Joseph Hamilton, Minister of Labour, told the graduates that today’s event forms part of the ministry’s effort to create skilled individuals who will help lift the country to new heights. This shift, he claims, will be visible in the country’s hospitality sector, bolstering the government’s efforts to broaden the country’s tourism sector in a variety of ways.

“As a result, the Labour Minister encouraged them to share their knowledge as well as skills with others who might benefit from similar life-changing experiences. He also advised them to investigate other ways to grow their business in order to attract new customers and maintain a stable business,” it concluded.