Guyana: Disappointed Indian diaspora criticizes Indian High Commission in Georgetown

Guyana: Disappointed Indian diaspora criticizes Indian High Commission in Georgetown

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The Indian Diaspora in Guyana has vented their disappointment over the functioning of the Indian High Commission in Georgetown. Numerous individuals have come forward, asserting that the High Commission has failed to effectively address their concern

As per reports, the major reason behind this is allegedly a significant lack of accountability Many members of the Indian community residing in Guyana have raised serious allegations regarding the Commission’s inability to resolve critical issues that affect their lives and requires immediate attention

While raising concerns, Indians residing in Guyana have showcased expressed distress over the lack of responsiveness from the High Commission, and its higher-ranked representatives.

Many have even questioned High Commissioner KJ Srinivasa for his failure of addressing the multiple complaints raised by community members

Questions have been raised on the poor service and lack of communication of the High Commission. The Indian diaspora voiced against the inappropriate approach adopted by HC in resolving their concerns.

Allegations of Bribery

Indian High Commissioner to Guyana, Dr KJ Srinivasa is also facing allegations of bribery. As per reports he took $50,000 bribe in Guyana to sign a Line of Credit Agreement with India in October, 2021. The agreement which aimed to enable 30,000 hinterland homes to benefit from solar electricity solutions was signed between Guyanese Finance Minister Dr Ashni Singh and the Indian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr KJ Srinivasa.

Many individuals are criticising the inefficient service provided by HC Srinivasa to the Indian diaspora.

The regular complaints of long waiting times and slow processing of passport renewals, issuance of OCI cards or other consular services have come to notice. The unhelpful staff is also reported to be one of the flaws in the service of the High Commissioner’s office. It has led to feelings of displeasure and dismay among the people.

Many people have come out to speak against the poor services offered by the Indian High Commission and HC KJ Srinivasa. People have spoken but requested anonymity, one such individual said “I have been living in Guyana for some time now on my work visa, and my Indian passport expired, I have been visiting the High Commission several times, but they continue to delay due to different unknown reasons,”

The diaspora has also opened up about the lack of support from the High Commissioner himself, especially in times of crisis. They signalled that they faced difficulties in receiving enough support towards the issues related to local laws and customs.

One more individual said, “We have to wait for a long time to get our work done in the High Commission of India as there is a lack of public connectivity. We are expecting some engagement activities so that we can put forth our issues and concerns, but finds it difficult with HC.”

People have also raised the concern that there is some sort of perceived bias for certain individuals who hold strong connections to high-ranked officials. Some also alleged that the authorities at the Indian High Commission favour certain, regions, or classes within the diaspora, leading the discontent among the Indian diaspora in Guyana.

Besides this, the Indian diaspora also highlighted the inefficiency of the High Commissioner for lack of effectiveness and management of the operations at the HC. They pointed out that innovative ideas and plans should be taken place to strengthen the operations, but things are not working appropriately.