Guyana Defence Force’s five occupants died in aircraft crashed 

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Five occupants of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Bell 412 helicopter died after the aircraft crashed in the jungle. Notably, the helicopter initially disappeared on Wednesday between Arau and Ekereku in Region Seven.

As soon as the aircraft seemed to be visible, people witnessed a crash where five persons died. The names of those who were confirmed dead are,

  1. Colonel Michael Shaoud
  2. Lieutenant Colonel Michale Charles
  3. Brigadier (Ret’d) Gary Beaton
  4. Lieutenant Colonel Shaun
  5. Welcome Staff Sergeant Jason Khan

It is to be noted that Lieutenant Andio Michael Crawford and Corporal Dwayne Jackson survived the crash.

The rescue mission team, whose members are included in four teams, was making an arrangement to recover the survivors and the bodies of the dead from the scene on Thursday.

Remarks of GDF’s Chief of Staff

Brigadier Omar Khan, Guyana Defence Force’s Chief of Staff, stated that the persons onboard were heading to Arau, which was located at the country’s western border with Venezuela.

The mission was commanded by Colonel Shaoud, and their duty was to visit soldiers stationed there. Notably, the GDF gave a statement in a press conference that the helicopter departed Camp Ayangana around 09:23 hours.

It is to be added in Brigadier Khan’s remarks that the helicopter had stopped at Olive Creek in Region Seven to refuel.

However, shortly after taking off, contact was lost with the chopper and its crew onboard. As per the statements of GDF, it happened around 11:20 hours.

It is to be noted that the Chief of the Staff disclosed that he has no report of anyone seeing what had happened to the helicopter when it took off from Olive Creek.

People of Guyana and across the Caribbean shared their condolences through the social media for the loss of precious souls. A citizen named Vashti Yuille commented,

“Geez. Strange happenings. It’s not easy loosing a service man and a collegue. Years of training and team building is lost. Most time irreplaceable. The families will feel this tragedy even more because no one can take their place. May their souls RIP. To the family be comforted that you all will meet again in a better place.”

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