Grenadines: 25-year-old fined $500 EC for possessing 1 pound of cannabis with intent to supply

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Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines: A 25-year-old domestic worker of Green Hill was fined $500 EC for the offence of possessing and supplying 1 pound of cannabis. The incident is reported to have occurred at the Grenadines Wharf in Kingstown. 

The accused has been identified as Kyasha Williams. He was arrested on Wednesday for the offences he committed, and charges were laid against him on the next day, March 6th, 2024.

As per the reports, Williams was charged with the offences, which include Possession of 643 grammes of cannabis with the intent to supply to another and Possession of 643 grammes of Cannabis for drug trafficking.

According to the information, the accused was taken to Kingstown Magistrate Court for the offences on Thursday, 7th March 2024. He pleaded guilty to both the offences he committed.

Subsequently, Kyasha Williams was fined $500 EC and was asked to pay the amount in one month; if he failed to pay the amount, he would be imprisoned for three months.

Several residents of the community took to their social media accounts and expressed their different views and perspectives on the news. Some people appreciated the government for charging the person for the offence he committed while others raised questions on the administration for not letting people live freely.

One person with a Facebook account Kirn Small commented “This government needs to be ashamed it’s adjusted the law to make provision for the wealthy in regards to medicinal cannabis. In the hands of the poor, it’s drugs but in the hands of the rich it’s medicine.”

Another person with a Facebook handle April Nickie commented the following “Law is law. It’s an offence.”

Meanwhile, some people raised concerns about the harsh effects that the country’s tourism sector will face following the incident. Therefore, they have requested the authorities to take stringent measures to curb criminal activities and ensure the safety and security of the nation.

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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