Grenada's Republic Bank Scholarship recipients 2023-2024. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Grenada: Republic bank Scholarship and Bursary Program 2023-24

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Students in Grenada have been availing a great option provided to them by the Republic Bank Scholarship, which allows them to pursue their educational goals without economic barriers.

This program works in collaboration with the University of West Indies to give a number of students, the scholarships they need each year. The program covers many areas of study such as business management, management studies, economics, marketing, finance, accounting and human resource management.

Applicants have an open invitation each year, to apply for monetary support to pursue their studies, so long as they are students of the University of West Indies.

Terisha Gilbert is the latest recipient of the Scholarship award. She has received an annual grant of $20,000 for up to 3 years. This amount is geared towards covering expenses for tuition, books and accommodation while at The UWI Cave Hill campus.

Terisha Gilbert, who is from Samaritan, St Patrick, is a Year II student, enrolled in the Faculty of Science. She is working on gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics.

The Bursary Program is covering the expenses of another 24 students at a cumulative cost of $39,548. This amount is a representation of 38 bursaries, which are awarded to students pursuing courses at the University of West Indies.

Peaches Ann George, who is a Management Associate at the Republic Bank, addressed some the recipients in a short presentation ceremony at The UWI Global Campus at Marryshow House, St George’s. She applauded the students on their initiative to pursue higher learning and encouraged them to give of their best, noting the many struggles experienced when pursuing a balanced school and work life.

One of the other recipients, Chrisan Mitchell, said: “I wish to thank Republic Bank for supporting students’ dreams, by helping to cushion the rising costs of tuition fees.”

The bank’s ‘Power to make a difference’ initiative, which acts as the catalyst that brings investments into the program, is responsible for the monetary success of this endeavor.

The scholarship program goes back two decades and was supplemented by the bursary in 2007 when a noticeable drop in scholarship applications was seen.

The criteria for qualification are listed on the bank’s official website, for possible candidates to check. The bank has made known its commitment to building successful societies by promoting education and bettering the life of students, quite apparent.