GAVENPLAST Grenada promises to donate $4000 per month to School Feeding Programme by Education Ministry
GAVENPLAST Grenada promises to donate $4000 per month to School Feeding Programme by Education Ministry Picture Courtesy: GIS Grenada

Grenada: GAVENPLAST Grenada Limited made a Donation worth more than $4000 per month to the Ministry of Education’s School Feeding Programme on Tuesday, November 8 during a handover ceremony at the ministry’s headquarters.

As part of their ‘one for the kids’ programme, GAVENPLAST Grenada Limited is granting a donation of EC $1 per cylinder sold of its cooking gas brand, SPICEGAS. Therefore, the company will provide more than 1000 lbs. of free cooking gas per month to 20 public schools, which includes five pre-schools, 10 primary schools and five secondary schools. SPICEGAS will deliver 50 lbs. of cooking gas per month to each school identified as top priority by the Ministry of Education. Any gas used in excess of that provided to the beneficiary schools will be at a reduced cost.

GAVENPLAST notes that this is one way of thanking their many loyal customers in Grenada. The company promises to increase the number of schools on their list as sales of their 20 lb. cooking gas cylinders increase. General Manager of SPICEGAS, Irael Perez Sanchez, said it is just the beginning of its partnership with the Ministry of Education.

“It’s a pleasure for us to support the school feeding programme and it’s a good start to help with gas to cook,” he said. “We are going to start to give back to our community and our priority is to support schools, now, with gas. In the future, we’re going to do it with libraries and other things.”

Thanking GAVENPLAST, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Elvis Morain said, “Education is a very expensive endeavour and we need, of course, stakeholders who will collaborate with us to ensure that at the end we can deliver this very important process, that is building human resource stock of the country.”

Minister for Education, Youth, Sports and Culture Sen. the Hon. David Andrew is elated to have SPICEGAS on board as a partner in education.

He said, “When you do this, you support thousands of our nation’s children, who benefit daily from the hot meals that we prepare and make available to them,” he said. “We look forward to further collaboration. We look forward to this bearing great fruit and your effort and your gesture has not gone by without deepest appreciation. On behalf of the Education Ministry and, by extension, the Government of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, we say the most profound thanks to you, SPICEGAS Grenada, for your kind gesture.”

Student at the Boca Secondary School, Jael Nedd, rendered thanks via a poem titled “SPICEGAS” on behalf of the student beneficiaries.

One part of that poem read, “So, it’s gas galore and good health. Big up SPICEGAS in this great initiative to help the students and teachers maintain their health.”