Grenada: PURE Grenada shares calendar of major festivals, events to be held on 2023
Grenada: PURE Grenada shares calendar of major festivals, events to be held on 2023

Grenada: PURE Grenada, The Spice of the Caribbean, has shared the calendar of major festivals and events to be held in the year 2023. The social media page named Explore Carriacou and Petite Martinique shared the calendar and asked travel enthusiasts to plan their visit to these beautiful and mesmerising countries in 2023.

The calendar of the events reads as follows:

• Royal Ocean Racing Club: (RORC) Transatlantic Race is predicted to be held from January 16 to 24
• Republic Bank SIBT Billfish Tournament will be held from January 23 to 27
• SIBT Taste of the Sea will be hosted on January 26
• PURE Grenada Sailing Week (Carriacou & Grenada) is predicted to be commemorated from January 29 to February 3
• Viking Explorers Transatlantic Rally from January 30 to February 6
• Carriacou Carnival-Kayak Mas will be celebrated from February 20 to 21
• Oyster World Rally will be held between February 24 and March 11
• Pre-season UK County Teams Training (on location in Grenada) is scheduled to be celebrated from March 6 to 19
• Grenada vs US Football Match will be played on March 24
• Cruise Itinerary Planners Familiarization Visit has been scheduled for the month of April, but the date has not been confirmed by the authorities.
• Blast Gouyave Easter Regatta will be organised on April 8 and 9
• Grenada Invitational to be celebrated on April 22

Picture Courtesy: Explore Carriacou and Petite Martinique Facecook

• Carriacou Maroon & Stringband Festival will be marked from April 28 to 30
• Gross Harbour swine will be celebrated on May 14
• Grenada Chocolate Festival will celebrate from May 17 to May 21
• Pete Martinique Whitsuntide Repotte festival will be marked from May 26 to 29
• The Dive & Conservation Festival will be celebrated between May 29 and June 5
• Grenada Charter Yade Show & A-CREW Fandort will be marked between July 3 and 14
• Junior Murray International Schools Cadet Invitational will be from August 4 to 7
• Carriacou Regatta Festival will be on August 14 and 15
• Grenada Open Water Invitational will be held on September 9
• Grenada CLB Cricket Tournament has been scheduled between October 16 and 23
• Grenada Legends Cricket Classics Charity Event will be celebrated from October 20 to 23
• Carriacou Corn Festival will be marked on October 29
• Global Tour Operators Marketplace will be celebrated on November 13 and 18
• Carriacou Parang Festival will be the last event of the year and will be celebrated from December 15 to 17