Grenada: Govt, GMMIWU signs agreement on salary increase
Grenada: Govt, GMMIWU signs agreement on salary increase || Picture Courtesy: Government of Grenada (Facebook)

St George, Grenada: Government and Grenada Manual, Maritime and Intellectual workers’ union sign collective agreement on salary and wage increases.

The Government of Grenada and the Grenada Manual, Maritime and Intellectual Workers’ Union (GMMIWU) reached a successful agreement on increases in salaries and wages on May 19, 2023, as per the update by the government of Grenada.


This agreement marks the third successful negotiation in recent weeks between the Government and bargaining units that represent various categories of workers within the Public Sector, including the Grenada Union of Teachers and the Royal Grenada Police Force Negotiating Team.

In addition to this, Sparkle Grenade-Courtney, Labour Commissioner Ag ratified the agreements and thanked both parties for concluding negotiations at this level, anticipating that other bargaining units would soon reach a settlement with the Government Negotiating Team.

The government of Grenada further explained that the agreement was signed back in the year 2020 and the signed amount suggested around 4 percent of increase in the year 2023. “The GMMIWU bargained and accepted the Government’s proposal for increases of 4 percent for the year 2024 and 5 percent for the year 2025, having previously signed in 2020 to receive a 4 percent increase for the year 2023,” the update by the government stated.

The government proudly outlined that the GMMIWU is the 4th largest bargaining agent within the Public Sector, representing workers at the Mt Reuil Estate, Laura Estate and unestablished cooks attached to the School Feeding Programme.

At a signing ceremony held to commemorate the event, Oscar Williams, President General of the Union and Lyndonna Hillaire Marshall, Deputy Chair of the Government Negotiating Team, recorded satisfaction with the cordial way in which negotiations were conducted and concluded.

Negotiations on fringe benefits with this and other public sector unions and staff associations are currently underway, the Grenada government informed while concluding the event.