Government restored water supply to Frigate Bay. (Image Credits: Google Images)

Govt works rapidly to restore water supply in Frigate Bay

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St Kitts Water Services Department announced the restoration of the emergency interruption in Water Supply in some parts of Frigate Bay. Due to two breaks in their mainlines, the water supply was interrupted on 15th October, Sunday.

PM Terrance Drew had apologized for the disruption caused by this interruption in the water supply. The repairing work was undertaken well on time resulting in restoration of water supply and ultimately, it was made available to the general public.

Moreover, the interruption in water supply continued to be a significant drawback of St Kitts and Nevis causing inconvenience to the residents of the country as well as the water department.

There are many instances where natives had to face various hindrances such as:

Due to the pump failure, residents of St Peters had to deal with interrupted  water supply.

In Saddlers, people had to bear with  a shortage of water supply due to the low levels of water reservoirs.

The residents of Dieppe Bay and Parsons Village  had to bear the brunt as Tropical Storm Philippe caused electrical failure resulting in shortage of water supply.

The people of Cayon also suffered a prolonged crisis due to  water scarcity which even led to the closure of Cayon High School, as ensuring a safe and hygienic environment was very difficult in such circumstances.

However, the government of St Kitts and Nevis worked really hard to address this issue, and they collaborated with BEAD (Bedrock Exploration Development Technologies) to provide a steady water supply.

They dealt with this matter with three effective ways:

  • By drilling
  • By delivering large tanks for the people to store water in more significant amounts whenever there is an issue of water crisis.
  • By turning the seawater into fresh water so that they can deliver it to the people residing in St Kitts and Nevis.

For that purpose the government had invested millions to ensure every citizen has 24/7 access to clean and potable Water.

PM Terrance Drew also discussed multi-pronged aspects of this matter and stated that Water is life, and every drop of it counts. They even worked tirelessly to address all those problems.