Govt of St Lucia distributes 5000 ebooks to add value in studies of students 

Govt of St Lucia distributes 5000 ebooks to add value in Education

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St Lucia: Prime Minister of St Lucia Allen Chastanet announced that govt has distributed 5000 ebooks, and MiFi devices were officially given to the Ministry of Education

He stated that, “We are continuing to ensure that we can equip our young persons to be competitive globally.”

Smart Saint Lucia is a primary objective of this Government, and it includes laying down the infrastructure to facilitate our ability to interact on a global level. With climate change and other world events, we must embed resilience in everything that we do.

Yesterday, 5000 ebooks and MiFi devices were officially handed over to the Ministry of Education. These devices will complement the already 3,000 machines already distributed to students in form 3 across the island.

The devices equipped with learning tools and content aligned with upper and lower school curriculum were procured and donated by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) ‘s joint efforts through their Universal Service Fund (USF), the Office of the Prime Minister.

The ebooks will add value to students’ learning experiences as the devices are equipped with content for sixteen (16) CSEC subjects, exciting interactive learning tools, and platforms that will ensure that students have equitable access to content. It will allow teachers to engage in differentiated instruction and assessment for different groups of students, also bringing ease to grading and data collection.

Science students benefit significantly since many simulations will allow them to conduct labs without exhausting resources repeatedly. Parents also help as fewer textbooks will have to be purchased in the long run.

A Facebook user commented, “Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. You have done so much for our nation.”

Another Facebook user commented, “I wonder why Guy endorsed this? Would he endorse a second vaccine if the arrangements were similar to the ebook?”

Another resident wrote, “I am so sick of hearing this ebook’s story! Mr. PM, can you stop dangling it in our faces and please distribute to the NATION’S CHILDREN, Post Script: 3000 already distributed to Form 3 students?! From which schools may I ask?”

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