Govt of Bahamas legalizes medicinal marijuana

Govt of Bahamas legalizes medicinal marijuana

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Bahamas: Prime Minister Huber Minnis announced that the Government of Bahamas completed legislation to legalize medicinal marijuana in the nation.

The Government of Bahamas is in the process of completing legislation to bring to Parliament for the legalization of medicinal marijuana in The Bahamas, Prime Minister Minnis said today at the commissioning ceremony for the Hope Town Shoreline Stabilization Project.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis also announced that the Government of Bahamas continues its aggressive move to expunge records of young and first-time offenders. He encouraged young and first-time offenders to apply to Offenders Committee’s Rehabilitation to have their records expunged.

People’s reaction:
After the Generalization of medicinal marijuana, people have reacted on social media and expressed their hearts out.

A Facebook user commented, “What about businesses that are still waiting to open up under the new protocols when will there be consideration for them.”

Another resident shared, “Cannabis is already legal for medical use in the Bahamas.The good Doctor should know this.So should the good-time Commissioner of Police.”

A Facebook user commented, “Dear Mr. PM not just first time offenders… ANYONE with simple or small possession sir as recommending legalized marijuana Commission.”

A Bahamas resident commented, “If the Government would legalize it for recreational use, that would bring more tourists to the Bahamas, Bahamian’s could open up coffee shops that sell it, just like they do in Amsterdam, growing farms will employ workers, coffee shops would create jobs for Bahamian’s, let the government put a tax on it, that would bring in extra revenue, maybe do a permit for tourist to buy that wants to buy some, charge a small permit fee, that would bring in extra revenue also, so many ideas can be done with the recreational legalization.”

Another user wrote, “PM Minnis is campaigning. General Election will be taking place in May. This is apart of their PR. The sad thing is medical marijuana has always been legal in The Bahamas. You just need permission from the Health Minister.”

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