Gang members arrested for assaulting ranked GDF soldier

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Georgetown, Guyana: Two men were arrested for assaulting a Guyana Defense Force (GDF) soldier in Suriname by members of the National Security Directorate, Regional Assistance Team Paramaribo, Arrest Team, and Capital Offenses on Wednesday.

Notably, the two men, identified as Emanuel B and Roman R, were wanted by the Guyanese police in connection with a criminal offence committed in the neighbouring country.

Roman, who is part of a gang, was wanted in connection with a case where he was seen wearing a balaclava in a short video filmed while assaulting a GDF soldier (pictured).

Man captured assaulting GDF soldier.
Man captured assaulting GDF soldier.

The uniformed soldier was allegedly assaulted at gunpoint and abused by other gang members. This incident was filmed and shared via social media.

It is added in the police’s remarks that Roman was officially wanted by the Guyanese police in November. It was also suspected that Emanuel was part of the gang.

As soon as officers launched an official search operation, both suspects fled to Suriname.

However, with detailed information, they came into the field of vision and were apprehended in Bonukampoe in the Para district, then transported to the capital crimes unit for arraignment.

Officials strongly believe that the two men may be involved in more criminal activities. The investigation is still ongoing.

As soon as this news spread on social media, many people expressed their opinions through their Facebook handles. Some comments are mentioned below,

One such comment by a person named Larro Forbes is, “Jail these punkasses and let them boys in prison deal with them in the proper manner.”

Another person, Jacqueline Charlie, commented, “Demons here will deal with the demonics, bring them, disrespecting our soldier.”

This incident raises questions about the safety of GDF members and the general perception of their ranks among the civilians of the nation.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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