Four arrested for possessing illegal weapon in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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St James, Jamaica: Four people were arrested for the offence of possessing illegal weapons and ammunition at Aqua Sol/Walter Fletcher Beach in Montego Bay, St James on Monday. The Police officers of St James conducted the apprehensions. 

The accused have been identified as 26-year-old Kenroy ‘Keneil’ Gayle, 28-year-old deliveryman Shaquille ‘Shakur’ Williams, 19-year-old Tian ‘Tom’ Blake, resident of Granville, St James and Shian-Lee Bennett, a supervisor from Norwood in the parish. 

As per the reports, authorities were performing their duty at Aqua Sol/Walter Fletcher Beach in Montego Bay when they found a 2012 white Nissan AD Wagon motor car which was entering the area. 

According to the details shared by the authorities, Gayle, Williams and Bennett were sitting in the vehicle while the fourth accused, Blake was standing outside and leaning inside the car, talking with the other three occupants. 

While the police were approaching the car, they noticed a sudden movement among the people sitting inside the vehicle. The change in the seating position raised suspicion among the officers. 

Subsequently, the officers conducted a search of the motor car. While conducting the search, the officers found one black Canik Elite pistol which was loaded with a magazine containing ten 9mm cartridges. All these items are reported to be found under the rear seat. 

The four accused were later arrested and taken to the Montego Bay Police Station. Along with that, the authorities seized the items which were discovered from them and towed the vehicle to the police station. Their date to appear in the court has not been finalized yet but they are still under the custody of the officers. 

Several residents of the community took to their official Facebook accounts and appreciated the authorities for their alertness and for taking immediate action. 

One person commented, “I am glad authorities didn’t let anyone go, these four could have done anything with this weapon, it is not safe these days as the crime rate is also increasing to a great extent, so we can’t trust anyone.”

Another person commented the following “Keep doing such activities, it is good you’re taking strict actions against such culprits.”

The residents of the community have also appealed to the government to continue conducting such exercises in order to curb the increasing crime rate, ensuring peace and security in the nation. 

Nia Roberts
Nia Roberts
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