Flower strike for bleeding Myanmar 

FlowerStrikeMyanmar takes place in various cities as a tribute to protesters killed by the security forces."

Flower strike for bleeding Myanmar 
Flower strike for bleeding Myanmar 

Myanmar: Military rule continues to be practised on supporters of democracy in Myanmar. The number of people killed in military operations has risen to 550 since the February 1 coup in the country.

A flower strike has been organised in Myanmar for the people who have given their lives.

According to the human rights group -Assistance Association for Political Prisoners, 46 children are among the dead. Apart from this, around 2,751 people have been detained.

Violence and threats of arrest on the protesters are also not visible to the people. Hundreds of people have died due to the use of force on protesters demanding democracy. On February 1, several leaders of his party, including the country’s supreme leader Aung San Suki, have been arrested and jailed by the army. Myanmar army is being condemned all over the world.

Local media quoted eyewitnesses as expressing that five people were detained by armed police dressed in plain clothes late on Friday night. 

Meanwhile, the Karen National Union, representing an ethnic minority rebel group that has been fighting the government for decades, has condemned the bombing and airstrikes on its villages bordering Thailand.

Many people, including children and students, have died in these attacks, and extensive damage has been done to schools, residential homes and villages.

The group said in a statement, ‘These terrorist acts are clearly a violation of local and international laws. More than 12 people have been killed and more than 20,000 displaced since March 27 in areas controlled by Karen, according to the Free Burma Rangers, a relief agency operating in the area.

A Twitter user stated, “Vehicles carrying aids for Karen refugees were forced to turn back by Thai Border Guard Force. The number of Karen refugees is increasing day by day as Terrorists (#Myanmar military) is attacking KNU Brigade 1, 3 & 5.”

Other Twitter user commented, “#FlowerStrikeMyanmar takes place in various cities as a tribute to protesters killed by the security forces.”

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