Abduction of people in Myanmar by security forces 

The ongoing crisis in Myanmar does not seem to end. More than 550 individuals have been killed

Abduction of people in Myanmar by security forces 
Abduction of people in Myanmar by security forces 

Myanmar: The ongoing crisis in Myanmar does not seem to end. More than 550 individuals have been killed so far in action being taken on the military government’s orders. 

International organizations believe that these numbers may be much more than this data. According to Human Rights Watch, hundreds of people are still unidentified since the coup in Myanmar. These people have forcibly vanished by following orders from the Junta (military rule of Myanmar).

On 1 February 2021, in Myanmar, Commander in Chief of Defense Service Meung Ang Hleinning took over power by overthrowing the democratic regime. 

After this, many journalists, social workers, including the leaders of the ruling party, including Aung Sang Suu Kyi, the head of the democratic power there, have been detained. 

Human Rights Watch has said that no information is being provided by the junta about these people. Neither their families nor legal advisors or lawyers are being allowed to meet these people. The military government there is openly defying international rules.

According to HRW, thousands of people have been detained by the security forces accusing them of being involved in demonstrations against the military regime. 

The security forces are continuously forcibly entering people’s homes and taking people into custody. According to the organization, more than two and a half thousand people have been detained in this way.

The organization’s Asia director, Bred Adams, says the Myanmar military government or junta is forcibly detaining and torturing people. The organization has appealed to the council to stop such action and release all those detained unconditionally immediately. 

Human Rights Watch has spoken to the families of people who have been detained. Apart from this, the organization has also talked to eyewitnesses and 16 lawyers.

According to the organization, some army uniform soldiers arrived at the house of 55-year-old Mya Aye at around 5.30 am on the day of the coup. Mya is a member of Myanmar’s democratic government and the ruling party National League of Democracy. 

These troops did not show any arrest warrants before and after the custody of Mya, nor did they provide any evidence based on which they should be detained. He was forcibly picked up from the house and captured in a CCTV camera placed outside the home. It was later posted on Twitter.

The next day policemen came to his house in plain uniform, but he did not provide any information about them to the family. Till now, no family has come to know about him. Similarly, on 6 March, the activist, who was involved in a final ceremony, was forcibly taken into-custody by the police. No information has been given to their family members about where they are. 

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