El Sistema reaches shores of Dominica to perform at Jazz n Creole 2023
El Sistema reaches shores of Dominica to perform at Jazz n Creole 2023

Roseau, Dominica: El Sistema, the National System of Youth and Children’s Orchestras and Choirs of Venezuela, reached the shores of Dominica from Venezuela to perform during the Jazz n Creole Festival 2023. The band has given its first-ever performance on the land of Dominica. While rocking the floor with their performances, El Sistema was joined by Dominant Seventh, a Trinidadian Jazz band.

Both artists rocked the stage at Roseau City. El Sistema shared a glimpse of the performance thorough social media and also expressed pleasure for such a kind and joyful audience.

The post, uploaded on April 30, 2023, read, “Tonight Octeto Kanaima @elsistema joins the Trinidadian Jazz band ‘Dominant Seventh’ to delight the public of Brew Box at Roseau city. A small demonstration of what you will see tomorrow at the Jazz and Creole Festival in Dominica.”

Another post was shared by the famous band, in which it expressed its gratitude towards the government of the Commonwealth of Dominica and the organising members of the Jazz and Creole Festival Dominica.

The social media post added, “EL Sistema arrives in Dominica for the first time, through the “Kanaima Octet,” who have come to represent and share Venezuelan Caribbean Jazz at the Dominica Jazz and Creole Festival tomorrow, April 30 2023.”

Picture Courtesy: Facebook

Other bands which rocked the stage on April 30 were:

  • Black Violin
  • Phyllisia Ross
  • Island Jazz Collective featured Jussi
  • Swingin’ Stars
  • Signal band

As per the official site of Dominica Festivals, the event boasts of a mix of jazz, and creole-influenced music, food and culture, held over a week at various locations across Dominica and culminating within the family atmosphere of Fort Shirley in the Cabrits National Park. The event serves as an avenue for showcasing an infusion of the jazz art form into the Creole culture of Dominican and international performers. The influence of Creole in the jazz culture is also strongly featured in the high level of fashion flaunted at the event.

Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole is an afternoon-to-evening event providing an appeal to families, jazz enthusiasts, fashionistas and anyone looking for a good time. The atmosphere is perfect for socialising and indulging in tasty local cuisines, and with the picturesque view of Portsmouth Cove, it’s perfect for documenting an experience like none other.