Dwyer Astaphan views PM Dr Terrance Drew as a potential great leader of Federation
Dwyer Astaphan views PM Dr Terrance Drew as a potential great leader of Federation Picture Courtesy: Google IImage

St Kitts and Nevis: Former Minister and well-known lawyer Dwyer Astaphan recently lauded Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew as a potential leader for St Kitts and Nevis. During a radio show, he said that PM Drew has a vision, and he also follows that vision.

Astaphan also explained the features of a person with the potential to be a great leader and added that Prime Minister Terrance Drew has all those qualities.

“In my opinion, a great leader is someone who has vision, and someone who follows that vision, someone who inspires, motivates and energizes people to dream, more to learn, more to do, more to become more, and to feel, and be a part of something larger than themselves. A great leader is strong in mind the character conviction, conscience, compassion and humility,” said Astphan.

Dwyer Astaphan also advised Prime Minister Drew to be different from his three predecessors. He highlighted that to be a great leader, Prime Minister Drew must also ensure that his top priorities are a genuine people’s democracy and constitutional social, attitudinal change. So, the Democratic mechanism that suits the nation can be created.

“He has to lead us to nationhood; we are already a nation, but to nationhood on the foundation of strong values. In material terms, he has to build the country physically for climate, resiliency, energy, food, and water security,” said Astaphan on the radio show.

Meanwhile, he asserted that the nation is going in the same direction. Still, the government must focus on food and water security as these two are the most important requirements and are the things that we have to do to set a solid foundation for the country.

Furthermore, while emphasizing the nation’s economic strength, he stated, “Good leader protects his people, very importantly in so far as protecting people is concerned; this critically includes business and entrepreneurial opportunities and jobs as well as funds must be available at reasonable rates of interest.”

Astaphan also stated that St Kitts and Nevis needs a great leader, especially when the last three prime ministers had failed to make the nation great.

“If our prime minister, Dr Terrence Drew, is to achieve greatness, he has to search ahead as a regional figure and become a voice and face of the citizens. He has to be in the front of the effort to bring pride, honour and respect to us and our region,” according to the statement shared by the former minister.

While concluding his messages for PM Terrance Drew, Astaphan stated that he knows he is asking a lot but believes that the Prime Minister has all the necessary qualities to lead the country towards economic and social growth.