Premier Mark Brantley expressed his love towards small island of Nevis

Premier Mark Brantley expressed his love towards small island of Nevis

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St Kitts and Nevis: Premier of Nevis and leader of Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) Mark Brantley expresses his love towards his living destination. Through his official Facebook account, he praised the beauty of the nation and stated, “Tiny as she is, I can write for days about her beauty and not be weary.”

Furthermore, he congratulated the location for its relaxing experience and for standing out as one of the most loved places by tourists and folks. “Today, I want to publicly congratulate her for standing out as a premier destination for total relaxation, folks who just want to chill or to have fun, among the many other reasons I can think of from time to time. I may come back and edit this testimonial with more realness, just sneaking this one in,” the post by Premier Brantley read.

Additionally, he lauded the location for its unique white sandy beaches and mesmerizing mountain peak. Premier Brantley further expressed, “I luv you to the stars and beyond, and I thank you for being unique; from your white sandy beaches to your picturesque mountain peak, you are full of activities, and you create a safe haven for investment, an environment for niceness and whether you own your home, you’re vacationing or you rent, your time here will be well spent.”

He also praised the country for its continuous success and achievements. “Even through these trying times, as the world seems plagued by challenges, we boast progress on our journey to elevated success. I feel we have many blessed years ahead as a tiny nation, only to be greater in the time to come. I love you, Nevis,” he outlined.