Starr Humphreys of Dominica. Picture Credits: Facebook account of Dominica Football Association

Dominica’s Starr Humphreys included in Best XI Players of Concacaf

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Starr Humphreys of Dominica has been included in the list of Concacaf Road to Gold Cup Best XI League B October Window.

It is a matter of great pride, not just for Starr Humphreys but also for all the citizens of Dominica.

Achieving a spot on the list of best performers is not easy. It requires tireless efforts and unwavering dedication towards the sport.

Road to Gold Cup matches are conducted every month in each competing country; the last time Dominica played, they emerged victorious against Antigua in the 2023 Concacaf Women’s Gold Cup Qualifiers on Sunday, 29 October 2023 at the ABFA Technical Centre in Antigua and Barbuda.

The next matches of the Dominica Senior National Women’s Team are scheduled on Wednesday, 28 November 2023, against Guyana in Suriname.

Moreover, Dominica’s women will face Suriname on Saturday, 2 December 2023 in Suriname.

These matches will play a huge role in determining the rankings of the players.

Till now, Dominica has dominated the points table by maintaining its streak of being in the top two.

The upcoming matches will be interesting to watch, as curiosity is high to know which teams will emerge victorious and which players will be able to maintain their position and rankings.

In their last match, which was played in the month of October, Dominica went against the odds and beat Antigua despite the fact that the match was held in Antigua’s home ground in front of their home fans.

Initially, Antigua was dominating the match, but Dominica didn’t lose intensity and continued to show their best despite the heavy rain.

Out of the blue, Dominica’s star performer, Starr Humphreys, got the opportunity to level the score for her team when she was awarded a penalty in the dying minutes of the game.

Humphreys kicked the ball with complete confidence and sent it into the net. Dominica scored another goal in the 81st minute of the game and they took up a lead.

Initially, the game was not going in Dominica’s favour, but the superwomen of Dominica turned the tables and led their team to a beautiful victory.

The players who played that match were:
– Celia Gregoire
– Aliane George
– Le- Myah Forde
– Sari Finn
– Starr Humphreys
– Jessica Pierre Louis
– Kylee Bertrand
– Romelcia Phillip
– Kasika Samuel
– Kira Bertrand
– Britney Dennis

It would be really exciting to see the team’s starting players for the next match. Also, everyone will be eying Starr Humphreys’s performance to see if she’ll be able to continue her rich vein of form.