Dominica’s Cable Car Project: 210 employed workers put forth great work towards its completion

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Roseau, Dominica: “210 locals have been employed and are working hard on Dominica’s Cable Car Project,” mentioned the tourism ministry of Dominica. With this announcement, the ministry updated the progress being made towards the completion of this project.

The ministry applauded the work of the project workers, who, in turn, contributed to the betterment of the nation.

“We highly commend outdoor engineers for their outstanding work, passion for the environment, and social projects that uplift the lives of the people in Roseau Valley,” added the ministry.

Last Wednesday, Denise Charles, tourism minister with the cabinet sub-ministerial committee, visited the site to see its progress. They expressed their pleasure at the progress.

Also, they provided the projection for its completion and said, “The project is expected to be completed by December 2025.”

The ministry shared some of the glimpses as well of the minister’s visit, where it revealed that even the Housing Minister of Dominica, Melissa Skerrit, joined them.

Visit at construction site, credits to tourism ministry Facebook page
Visit at construction site, credits to the Tourism Ministry Facebook page

Few days ago, the update on the continuous development at the World’s Longest Cable Car Project also came forward. The work on the project started in January 2022, and now, it has progressed significantly.

As the country is on its path to becoming the world’s first resilient nation by 2030, the cable car will enhance mobility and promote tourism, directing towards sustainable development of the country.

The cable car, after completion, will offer a wonderful ride of 4.1 miles heading towards Boiling Lake from the Roseau Valley.  The cable car is one of the prestigious projects in Dominica as it will enhance mobility to Boiling Lake, which is the world’s second-largest hot lake.

The convenience of cable cars will offer a comfortable reach to an attraction. As, due to no road connection to the lake, reaching it includes the hiking of 13 km. However, the construction of a cable car will make the hours’ journey turn into just minutes.

Marking its benefits to the nation by economic means, the cable car will be the greatest boon to the Nature Isle of the Caribbean. The significant rise in the tourism sector will give a boost to the economy, stepping towards the overall development of the nation as a whole.

George Henry
George Henry
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