Dominican Republic plans to build fence along its border with Haiti

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Haiti: The president of the Dominican Republic has declared plans to build a fence along its border with Haiti, which elongates for about 380km (236 miles).

Luis Abinader stated the barrier would aid curb illegal immigration, drugs, and the flow of stolen vehicles between the two nations, which share the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.


Abinader stated work on the barrier would be initiated start later this year. Haiti is one of the poorest lands in the Western Hemisphere.

Relations between the two next-door-neighbor have been historically challenging. “In a period of two years, we want to put an end to the critical problems of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and the movement of stolen vehicles,” Abinader stated in an address to Congress.

The cost of the project has not been revealed. Abinader stated the barrier in some “conflictive” sections would include a double-fence along with motion sensors, infrared orders, and facial recognition cameras.

The Dominican Republic, which has a population of about 11 million, has already assembled some stretches of fencing along the border.

It is approximated that about 500,000 Haitian migrants are living in the nation – many of them there illegally. In January, the administration agreed to help Haiti provide identity papers to its residents living in the Dominican territory.

Victoria Lily commented If during this pandemic we can’t realize how small the world is and we are one community, I don’t know when we will… Immigrants never get a free, easy life when they migrate. They still endured hardships in whichever country they end up in. Stop building walls and build bridges.”

Cecil Trotman wrote, “These same people cry out against the discrimination their citizen’s experience in the USA. I hope all black people ( including me) will boycott the DR. That country will not get another penny from me if they build that wall. Hope the vital tourism industry collapsed.”

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