Dominica: Two men shot at a popular hangout spot

Dominica Police investigates shooting of two men in the capital.

Victims Jamie Simeon (33) and Tyrone Mitchel (24). (Image credits: Google images)
Victims Jamie Simeon (33) and Tyrone Mitchel (24). (Image credits: Google images)

Dominica Police has launched a probe into the shooting of two men, at a popular entertainment spot in the capital. The victims have passed away and this incident has prompted the police to reach out to citizens for assistance or information of any kind on the matter.

According to reports Jamie Simeon, 33 and Tyrone Mitchel, 24 were pronounced dead at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital on Saturday, after a shooting took place at the Garage Bar & Grill entertainment spot at the center of the capital city.

Social media is rife with video footage that shows at least one person being assisted by friends and onlookers after the shooting incident.

“Anyone with information relative to this incident is asked to contact the Criminal Investigations Department,” said Police Inspector Fixton Henderson.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit recently urged people with illegal guns to give them up to the police.

“The police can facilitate you. I know the police have been speaking about working with some groups to get the illegal firearms off the streets. I have said to many people when you have a firearm you always run the risk of using it and when you sell it you may be selling it to someone who could come out and kill you, kill your mother…your brother.”

“The possession and trading of firearms is not for a country like Dominica” said Prime Minister Skerrit’s statement on the matter.

This recent incident reinforces PM Skerrit’s logic and is likely to help his move against illegal guns, gain momentum. The question though, is how the authorities can move against the possession and sale of illegal guns and confiscate them from owners and dealers in a safe manner.

It is quite easy to see that if not handled with the utmost care, any action could lead to instability and give rise to similar incidents in the Caribbean nation.

The net result though, is that Dominica is facing an issue with illegal guns which has been highlighted by the PM and is now showing to be a genuine issue, surfacing through acts of violence. In some way shape or form, the authorities have to find a way to mitigate this problem, for the sake of the safety of citizens.