Dominica: PM Skerrit visits Petite Savanne Constituency, observes developments

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Prime Minister of Dominica Dr Roosevelt Skerrit visited to the Petite Savanne Constituency to observe the development activities in the constituency. During the visit, the Prime Minister talked about the newly built Health Centre, which is scheduled to be open within the upcoming weeks.

PM Skerritt further said that the new facility would provide an opportunity to demolish the old health centre and construct housing units, including homes and apartments, for the folks of the community residing in the area.

This construction would provide shelter to the people belonging to the ‘vulnerable section,’ this can be counted as success as if the government is able to take a single person out of the section, it could be counted as a success, stated the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister also covered some of the important developments of the region, including bridges, roads and other facilities.

PM Skerrit said that apart from the homes, the government would provide rivers and sidewalks for the people at the Bagatelle Road. He added that the government has been looking for safe alternative designs and idea and has been in talks with engineers and Ministry of the Public Works.

The action will be taken according to the advice of the authorities.

He further said that, under this project, the government would focus on the reconstruction of the bridge according to the demands and needs of the villagers. PM mentioned that the structure of the bridge would be re-considered and designed according to the villages, involving the participation of the people.

He then threw some light on the planning about improving as well as evaluating the ‘Farm Road,” which officially connects Bagatelle. While explaining the benefits of the reconstruction of the new road, Prime Minister said that farmers would be able to utilize and it might be used as a bypass during the construction of the Lube to Bagatelle road.

He was accompanied by Melissa Skerritt, his cabinet members and village authorities.

Senator Cassani Laville, Minister of Public Works and the Digital Economy, notified that this project had been divided into two phases – phase I will cover the area of 13 kilometres (from Lubia to Geneva), and phase II will cover the area from Geneva to Bagatelle. The division has been done to avoid inconvenience to the local residents.

He further emphasized the benefits of the project and stated that this project would provide assistance to around 700 people, adding that the safety of the operators would be a choice as it is difficult terrain and the situation might become worse during the rainy season. And to avoid the same, the government will schedule and time the project after close planning.

The significant, as well as one of the most needed projects, has been completed and now everyone is hoping its opening as soon as possible. The authorities have been planning to construct new homes in the regions, which will provide protection against the hurricane and water during the rainy season, stated the Chairman – Bagatelle, Fond St-Jean, Pionte Caribe Village Council.

He further said that it was a small project but was an important one.

Prime Minister exclaimed that it is a good location for the houses. He added that the people will also have a multi-purpose centre, a church and a police station as the government is working to improve facilities for the residents.

He further asserted that new underground telephone and electrical lines would be installed and drainage, as well as roads, will be improved. Because of this, the lines would not be destroyed by storms.

He expressed joy and said, “I am excited for the folks of Jubic and Grandbay”.

He then emphasized the fact that employment has been given to the local people of the community, not the foreigners. From truckers to contractors to the workers, all will belong to the local communities.

The Parliament Representative of Grandbay Constituency, Vince Henderson, mentioned that he is glad to see this project to be happening as late Edridges wanted to make this occur. He further said that it would be a good place for the children and would provide better opportunities for the community. “I am glad and excited,” said the Parliament Representative.

The Parliament Representative of Petite Savanne Constituency, Kenneth Darroux, said that he is glad that this project will provide an opportunity to the local contractors, along with economic benefits the contractors would enjoy better ownership.

Prime Minister also toured the Roseau Central Constituency and examined the newly constructed 51 apartments in the capital city. He also took an idea about what’s done and what is to be done. The prime minister also visited Virgin Lane, which is counted as a major lane as it is connected with several important schools and churches.

Some of the issues addressed by the PM are:-

– Reconstruction and resurfacing of the roads
– Improvement of the river banks and river streets
– Solving flood and drainage problem in the constituency.

Melissa Skerritt, Parliament Representative of the Roseau Constituency, said, “I visited to the Virgin Lane and closely examined the problems in my constituency. I also visited the River Street area. Our government will surely address the drainage problem and will start closing them”.

She further stated that the constructed 51 apartments, out of which nine are commercial, will be provided to the deserving people.

The Prime Minister concluded and said that he would visit every Dominican constituency by the end of March and would take a look at the developments achieved in different projects.

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