Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit launches Darron Lloyd as candidate for St Joseph Constituency
Dominica: PM Roosevelt Skerrit launches Darron Lloyd as candidate for St Joseph Constituency
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Dominica: The Dominica Labour Party launched its candidate for St Joseph Constituency. The launching ceremony was attended by all the leader of the political party. Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, introduced Darron Lloyd as the candidate for the constituency.

While launching the candidate for Labour, PM Skerrit stated “There shall only be one candidate for Labour….and that is Darron Lloyd!!”


Further, the launched candidate stated that he is glad that majority of the Dominicans are favouring Dominica Labour Party. He said, “The majority of voters in this country have expressed, at every turn, their preference for Roosevelt Skerrit and the Dominica Labour Party.”

He also stated, “We look forward now to the evening of December 6th, when the final vote is counted and the winner of the 2022 general elections is declared. I wish tonight to thank the people of Dominica for their warm embrace of the Dominica Labour Party! I am sure you assessed all the talents that were placed at your disposal and I sense this evening, that you too agree, that the Dominica Labour Party is still the best choice for Dominica.”

During the launching event, Prime Minister also criticises the opposition for baking off and then blaming PM for snap elections. As per the PM of the nation, the Opposition does not want a massive turn out of voters on December 6th, so they selected six of the constituencies they knew Labour would have done exceedingly well in, and insisted that no one steps forward to be nominated in those six.

In addition to this, Prime Minister Skerrit stated that the opposition of the Commonwealth of Dominica chose to boycott the elections despite contesting them. “The opposition here in Dominica lost for the fifth straight time in December 2019 and rather than prepare themselves for the next general elections, they went into a state of internal meltdown, where they turned on each others,” he said.