Dominica Health Ministry launches new digital vaccination card

Dominica Health Ministry launches new digital vaccination card

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Dominica: The Health Ministry of Dominica has launched the new digital vaccination card.

In light of emerging trends around vaccination screening, the development of the digital card is timely as it enables persons to provide proof of vaccination which is increasingly becoming a requirement in accessing and conducting transactions.

It is interesting to note that Dominica was the first small island developing state to procure Covid-19 vaccines and, through Caribbean solidarity, shared them with our sister Islands.

Dominican Health Ministry was also the first in the Caribbean to have PCR testing in the public sector. This launch by no means indicates that the fight against Covid-19 is over. This is just another notch in the belts.

The digital vaccination card will facilitate travel and make vaccination information more readily available. The card is accessible via an electronic device, including mobile phones and is more accepted on international platforms.

“It is our hope that it won’t end with this covid-19 vaccination certificate. Given the advancement in this digital age, much more of our health care information can be digitalized, and we can move away from paper-based records,” health minister Dr Irving McIntyre stated.

That, of course, will make information easier to share and more accessible as the nation move towards telemedicine. This is being carried out through the “Caribbean Digital Transformation Project”, and Dominica has made tremendous progress in this regard.

Dr McIntyre thanked the COVID vaccine unit and stated, “I would like to thank the Covid-19 Vaccination unit for a job well done, all the doctors, nurses, as well as other health care workers and support staff.”

Furthermore, he extended his thanks to PAHO as well as vaccine donors. He stated, “We also have to say special thanks to PAHO and Vaccine donors as well.”

The ICT depart must be especially commended for their efforts and, most importantly, the public, who continue to come out and get vaccinated.

He added, “Let me repeat, the fight against Covid-19 is not over. We must be responsible and do what it takes to protect ourselves, even if some restrictions have been relaxed. Do not let your guards down and get vaccinated.”