Dominica: Govt shares update on East Coast Road rehabilitation project
Dominica: Govt shares update on East Coast Road rehabilitation project

Dominica: The $126 million rehabilitation of the East Coast Road is progressing smoothly, informed the government of Commonwealth of Dominica.

So say all the stakeholders involved in the implementation of one of Dominica’s biggest infrastructure projects in its history.

The project which includes the rehabilitation of 43.3 km of road from Bois Diable Hotten Garden is being funded by the World Bank and implement by the Government of Dominica through the disaster vulnerability reduction Project (DVRP).

Four continuous section of roads will be rehabilitated including lot 1– Pont cass- from to Bois Diable (4.5 km) lot 2 from Bois Diable to castle Bruce (9.5 km) lot 3 from Castle Bruce to petite Soufriere (8.8 km ) and lot 4 from Castle Bruce to Hotten Garden (20.5 km).

Minister for public works and the Digital economy, Cassanni Laville noted that this major project is another promise being kept by the Government in its quest to build resilience.

In our recent history, this has been the largest road infrastructural project in our Dominica. I recall the last similar project in terms of scope and skill would have been rehabilitation of the EO Leblnce highway. This project is yet another promise of the government in the ensuring resilience in our road network in the Eastern part of Dominica, Laville stated.

The public works minister expressed his satisfaction with the progress of work on the project nothing that his ministry has been involved from the conceptualization of this project and he is happy to see it come to fruition.

The East Coast Road takes into consideration the road going through the Castle Bruce Constituency and the Kalinago Territory.

Minister for the environment rural-modernisation and Kalinago upliftment and Member of Parliament for the Salybia Constituency, Cozier Frederick explained that have been dealing with issues as they arise to ensure the smooth progression of the project.

As we continue to develop this road network we want to ensure that we deal with all the issues. We deal with lands issues along the road. We also look at some of the centre line and how we navigate that and so we get the best advice so that we can better understand and appreciate the work that has to be done. And as we go along we may unearth issue that need addressing both from the social aspect and from the strong technical perspective and we want to ensure that we have a holistic approach, Fredrick stated.

The minister went on to note that with a project of this magnitude “We definitely expect issues and so we want to ensure that we are on top of the game and ensure that we have a finished product that will be in tune with our move in becoming the first climate resilient country in the world.”

Parliament Representative for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Octavia Alfred stated that the site visit will give all stakeholders and leading agencies a firsthand view of how the project is progressing. Then, thanked the constituents affected for their cooperative and patience during his process.

It is work is progress. A lot has been done. A number of farmers have received money and these monies you can see farmers are putting it to good use. But as we progress we have to some small alterations to ensure thing can run more smoothly. i want to thank the constituents for their patience. I know it has been a smooth ride. It takes us half an hour from castle Bruce to Tarish Pit but like I always say to them, I hope all of us we are there to enjoy this highway when it is complete, Alfred further added.

The project is being undertaken by stardom; over eighty locals are currently employed on the project.