Dominica bags victory in WINLOTT Windwards Island Cricket U-15 tournament

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The U-15 cricket team of Dominica has successfully bagged the victory in WINLOTT Inc Windwards Island Cricket Board U-15 Super 50 Cricket tournament. The winners of the tournament have been declared by virtue of most points.

Notably, Dominica faced Grenada in the final match of the tournament. The toss was won by Dominica at Park Hill, and they chose to bowl first. After playing for 25.1 overs, Grenada scored 84 runs with three wickets down.

Due to the unfavourable weather conditions at Park Hill, the final match of the year had to be suspended. The teams, ground staff, and officials acknowledged that the situation was out of their control. As a result, the winner was decided based on the standings at the points table.

The Starting XI of Dominica:

  1. Chance Marshall
  2. Dylon John
  3. Jershaun Joseph
  4. Jayquan Lataille
  5. Vince Darroux
  6. Earsinho Fontaine
  7. Nian Davis
  8. Aiden Burton
  9. Damian Frederick
  10. Ellon Pascall
  11. Derwin Lewis

The Starting XI of Grenada:

  1. Raekiem Charles
  2. Jamie Wickham
  3. Jelani George
  4. Desrond Mitchell
  5. Khavaghn Bartholomew
  6. Aravinda Bishop
  7. Devon Joseph
  8. Lyndon Francis
  9. Jordon John
  10. Xzavion Rock
  11. Kemile Abraham

Further, one more match took place on the same day, 17th December 2023, for the third-place playoff between Saint Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The lineup of St. Vincent and the Grenadines includes the players, namely Alston Bob, Cody Slater, Jason Hoyte, Juarez Baptiste, Mattaniah Stapelton, Tyrese Hackshaw, Jorden Charles, Zach Thomas, Delroy Tittle, Eddon Baptiste and Javon Johnny.

The Playing XI of the Saint Lucia team includes the players, namely Kanil Nelson, Jeanille Williams, Jean Claude Emmanuel, Sheldon Willie, Kaleb Charles, Nathaniel Joseph, Aiden Scholar, Daniel Lorde, Cayden Francios, Neil Poyotte and Zinakki Louis.

The toss was won by St. Vincent and the Grenadines and they chose to bowl first. Saint Lucia were in 117-8 in 22 overs when the match got interrupted due to rain.

Therefore, St Vincent and Grenadines did not get a chance to bat, and the match could not lead to its conclusion.

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