Distribution begins: Crop Farmers receive required material for 25 by 25 agenda

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St Kitts and Nevis: The Ministry of Agriculture, St Kitts and Nevis shared the commencement of the distribution of 25 by 25 material amongst the farmers throughout the island nation.

The ministry highlighted that the crop farmers in the country have started receiving materials and the required inputs which were promised by the government to be available. All the materials being distributed will help boost crop production.

Field agents and technical officers as well will assist the farmers with the installation of innovative equipment to improve agricultural production. Considerably, the commitment the same was made by the officials during the two-day meeting of the agriculture department and crop farmers.

The prime objective behind this agenda is food security through the 25 by 25 agenda, the government has committed to reduce the food import bill by 25% by the year 2025. For the same, an action taken by starting to provide the required material to the crop farmers reveals the government’s hold on their commitment.

Such work would benefit the country as a whole as the reduced imports will lead to an economic boost. Locally produced food items would offer special benefits to the populace of the country. From the benefits included with this, reduced cost for the food items is one of them.

Even the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Resources of St Kitts shared some of the glimpses as well on the social media page.


In this regard only, even the Prime Minister, Terrance Drew visited a leading farmer of the nation, Armstrong. The major purpose of the meeting was to move towards the fulfillment of the 25 by 25 agenda.

According to the Prime Minister, the farmers are instrumental in achieving this goal. He visited the farmer and gave insights that the collaborated work would strengthen the factors, leading towards the fulfillment of the 25 by 25 agenda.

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