Denzil Douglas awards scholarships to top performers of Jones Group U17 Male League

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Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis: Minister for Foreign Affairs of St Kitts and Nevis, Dr Denzil Douglas announced scholarships for the players who impressed the two onlooking scouts from Phoenix All-Stars Academy. 

The players who are granted scholarships include, Savi – K Morton Washington from Archibald High School, Niquan Allen from Basseterre High School, Dequandre Liburd, Kevonte Phipps and Franklyn Mitcham from Cayon High School.

According to the details, these players were scouted by the Jones Group of Companies Department of Sports Under 17 Male league following their impressive performances throughout the tournament.

Minister Douglas took to his official Facebook account and extended congratulations to the players and stated “Congratulations to the players who were scouted from the recently concluded Jones Group of Companies Department of Sports Under 17 Male league.”

While mentioning the scholarships offered, he added “After several negotiations with the parents and players each player was offered scholarships to the Jamaican outfit. A bright future awaits these young stars.”

Such scholarships are pivotal in offering a unique platform for all players to achieve their dreams. They are awarded to individuals who have displayed their hard work, skills, talent, and abilities and have proved their worth over time.

Scholarships, in general, are a huge source of motivation for other aspiring players who want to make their careers in sports and represent their nation on a global level.

Notably, the final of the Jones Group Limited Under 17 Males High School Football Competition was held on 29 February 2024. The final was played against two of the best teams in the league: Basseterre High School and Washington Archibald High.

The players from both teams performed very well throughout the tournament and displayed excellent performance. However, the title was clinched by Basseterre High School by a score of 4-0.

Moreover, the third position was secured by Cayon High School, which defeated Verchilds High School in the penalty shootout to claim the third position. Kevonte Phipps was named the Most Valuable Player of the Match for his excellent performance and is also one of the scholarship recipients.

The players have expressed gratitude to the administration and their respective teams for their constant support which has helped them excel in their game.

Minister Douglas has called these players the future of St Kitts and Nevis and asked them to be the Best Ambassadors of the island nation and focus on their upcoming games and tournaments.

Nia Roberts
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