Dennis Francis appointed as UNGA 78 president

Dennis Francis appointed as UNGA 78 president

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Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago: Dennis Francis, Permanent Representative of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations, has been elected as the 78th and the new President of the UN General Assembly.

Francis, who is the longest-serving Ambassador of the country, will start his service as the President during the beginning of the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 78) in the month of September.

Dennis Francis was elected with loud applause and a bang of the gavel.

He will be the predecessor of Csaba Korosi of Hungary. While bidding him goodbye, UN Secretary-General – Antonio Guterres stated that he would miss the advice and guidance of Korosi.

77th President of the United Nations General Assembly, Korosi, also took to his official social media to extend heartfelt congratulations towards the newly appointed President. He stated, “My sincere congratulations to Dennis Francis on his election as the 78th President of the General Assembly.”

Additionally, he stated, “With his extensive experience & his unique perspective coming from a Small Island Developing State, I am confident that the UNGA will be in capable hands.”

Ambassador Dennis Francis, after becoming the new United Nations’ 78th president of the General Assembly, shared an emotional message. He said, “I am so proud and gratified to have been born in a country, Trinidad and Tobago, that for almost 70 years has ascribed the highest value to education.”

Furthermore, he thanked all his supporters, the attendees and the UNGA.

When asked how the war would factor into the coming session, Mr Francis said, “I believe that the will exists, and the capacity exists, to think and act globally beyond the limits of the war, and that will be something that I’ll be seeking to encourage in various ways so that we can make common cause in finding consensus, or, if not consensus, at least compromise.”

It is worth mentioning that the new UNGA President, Francis, has earlier represented Trinidad and Tobago at the United Nations agencies in Paris, Vienna and Geneva. He has also served as High Commissioner to Jamaica, being accredited to the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba.