Nelson Mandela

CSG Patricia Scotland pays tribute to former South African PM Nelson Mandela on his 104th birth anniversary

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Commonwealth: The Secretary General of the Commonwealth Patricia Scotland has paid tribute to the Former Prime Minister of South Africa – Nelson Mandela on his 104th birth anniversary. Annually, the birth anniversary of Mandela is celebrated as Mandela Day across the globe.

CSG Scotland regarded former Prime Minister of South Africa as ‘a giant’ of the Commonwealth. She, on social media, wrote, “Nelson Mandela was a giant of the #Commonwealth.”

She further praised Nelson Mandela for his courage and compassion. Scotland also lauded him for his fight against injustice and how he paved way towards a better world.

She highlighted, “His courage, compassion & fight for justice pointed us all towards a better world. His life remains an inspiration to millions of us. His vision for a world built on peace and democracy is more powerful today than ever.”

Scotland also shared a video along with a tribute. The video shared glimpse of Nelson Mandela and his visit to Commonwealth. The video read, “Nelson Mandela and The Commonwealth.” The video shared glimpse of Nelson Mandela’s speech during visit, which said, “In the Commonwealth of Nations we have a powerful force for co-operation in the promotion of peace, prosperity and equity with and amongst peoples across the world.”

Mandela Day is celebrated to recognise the achievements of South African leader in history. The day was created in the year 2009 by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The objective behind the celebration is to celebrate the life and legacy of the leader.

In 2022, the theme will be ‘Do what you can, with what you have’, and is aiming to raise awareness of how food is impacted by climate change.

Commonwealth of Nations, referred as Commonwealth, is a political association of around 56 nations, across the world. South Africa is one the countries since 1931, however the country left in 1961 and later rejoined in 1994.