CSG Patricia Scotland meets EU Ambassador to UK Pedro Serrano

CSG Patricia Scotland meets EU Ambassador to UK Pedro Serrano, discusses climate action, SDGs

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Commonwealth: Patricia Scotland, Commonwealth General Secretary, discussed various essential issues with Pedro Serrano, EU Ambassador to the United Kingdom, on June 1, 2023.

Both the leaders discussed many topics which will contribute towards the growth and development of the Commonwealth and European Union. The meet also experienced interactions about some global topics, including climate crisis and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CSG Patricia Scotland took it to her official social media handle and expressed pleasure for having such a fruitful and productive interaction with Serrano.

CSG Scotland noted, “Pleased to meet the European Union delegation of the United Kingdom’s Pedro Serrano.” She added that both the leaders discussed furthering Commonwealth and European Union collaboration, specifically in regard to helping member countries achieve the SDGs and take climate action.

Furthermore, the social media post by the Commonwealth Secretary-General informed that, additionally, good governance and building legal, along with digital capacity, were also the topics discussed during this meeting.

Pedro Serrano, who has formerly served as the Head of Cabinet to HRVP Borrell, and European Union Ambassador to the UN as well as Diplomatic Advisor to the EUCO President, has also expressed his gratitude towards CSG.

He lauded Patricia Scotland for her continuous work for the betterment and advancement of the Commonwealth and the EU. Serrano noted that her plans and dedication towards the work have helped the commonwealth community to reach all the possible heights.

Through his official Twitter account, EU Ambassador to the UK outlined, “Delighted to meet the Secretary General of the Commonwealth – Patricia Scotland.”

“The EU and Commonwealth support values-based international institutions and the rule of law,” he added.

The Commonwealth Secretary-General is known for calling member countries to discuss important commitments, including global climate change.