COVID in Trinidad & Tobago: 579 new cases recorded with 19 deaths

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In total, 579 additional COVID-19 cases have been recorded, while a total of 19 people scummed to the virus on December 31, 2021; the data in the COVID-19 update report states by the Ministry of Health.    

With the arrival of these additional cases, the toll of active cases rose to 15,797, while the current death toll stands at 2,869.  

As per the report, till December 31, 2021, in total, 73,233 individuals recovered from the contagious mutant, whereas 462 patients are still in the hospital facilities.   

Since the emergence of the pandemic in Trinidad and Tobago, a total of 91,899 confirmed cases have been recorded, as per the data shared in the health ministry’s report.

Around 166 individuals are in the step-down facilities, 39 in the state-quarantine facilities, and 14,590 citizens have isolated themselves at their respective residences.   

Until December 31, 2021, 511,257 COVID-19 tests were conducted at both private and public facilities, out of which 225,721 were conducted at private healthcare facilities.     

According to the statistics of the COVID vaccination report, there are a total of 663,483 citizens who are vaccinated by taking atleast one dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine. 

On the other hand, 668,717 individuals have received their required number of the WHO-approved COVID-19 jabs and are now fully inoculated against the deadliest virus.    

Further information is available on the Additional COVID-19 Information page of the update, which is available at – The citizens can visit – for more information on the COVID-19 Vaccine.

The Ministry of Health further asked the citizens to take their jabs of the COVID-19 Vaccine and strictly follow the COVID-19 health protocols that the government of Trinidad and Tobago has established.  

Since last week, the Caribbean island has been eyeing a decline in the daily COVID-19 infection rate. The general public appreciated the government’s efforts in the way they are tackling the pandemic.