COVID-19: TT reports 41 recoveries & 412 cases

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Trinidad and Tobago: As of 16 February 2022, the nation reported around 412 positive cases, taking the number of total positive cases for the virus to 121,683.

The samples of the test were taken between 11 February and 15 February 2022. As many as 610,993 people have undergone testing. Of the total, 278,340 tests were done at private facilities and 332,653 were done at public facilities.

During the same period, nine people lost their lives due to the virus; of these, four were elderly males, one elderly female, and four were middle-aged. Of those who died, three had multiple comorbidities, five had one comorbidity, and one person had a known medical condition.

Total deaths reported in the country is as many as 3,544.

To date, 97,007 patients have been recovered from the virus. 41 persons have been discharged from public health facilities, and 691 recoveries have been reported from community cases.

As per the statics by the government, a total of 395 people are in the hospital, of which 329 people are in the public facility, and 66 people are in step-down or transition facilities, whereas 20,325 people are home isolated.

The total active cases in Trinidad and Tobago is around 21,132.

The vaccination status in the country is 49.9 percent. 701,201 people have received the first jab of the vaccine against COVID-19, and 698,799 people have completed their vaccination regime. As many as 124,535 Trinidad and Tobago’s citizens have taken the booster dose.

George Henry
George Henry
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