Countries restrict flights as a new variant of coronavirus in England rapidly increases

The new variant of coronavirus in the UK has caused havoc in the country.

The new variant of coronavirus in the UK has caused havoc in the country. Sensing the danger, the German government is considering a ban on flights to Britain and South Africa.

Sources in Germany’s Health Minister gave this information on Sunday. Belgium and the Netherlands have already halted aircraft and train service from Britain in view of the threat of new variant of coronavirus.


Britain itself has admitted that the new strain of coronavirus has started to wreak havoc. The Netherlands has banned all passenger flights to the UK since Sunday. Belgium has made this decision before. Sources say that Germany has also considered a similar move.

A spokesman for the German government’s health ministry said that Britain’s activities are closely watched. “We are scanning the information and data related to the new strain of the virus. Germany is also in contact with other European countries. However, no new strain patients have been found in Germany so far.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a lockdown in all areas of London and Southeast England by 30 December. In these areas, that corona strain has been found to be 70 percent more infectious than the original virus.

The decision of Belgium will also affect the operation of Eurostar train services along with the airline. European countries have taken this step when people plan to go out for Christmas and New Year Celebration.

Since last year, Corona started creating havoc in the world. It caused great destruction in the European countries Italy, France, Britain. This time all these governments are very cautious and putting all necessary measures in place before any delay.

The new variant of coronavirus is also said to be more infectious and dangerous than the persisting virus that started from Wuhan, China in 2019.


The pandemic has caused severe destruction to many economies, and several people have lost their lives.