Cooking gas subsidies for Saint Lucians, LPG gas reduced to 52%

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Castries, Saint Lucia: The government of Saint Lucia has announced the reduction of cooking gas prices by 52 percent for the next three weeks from February 12 to March 3, 2024. As per the latest announcement, the authorities have provided relief to the general public.

It is to be noted that the prices have already been implemented. The government will cover 52 percent of the retail price for consumers whenever a 20lbs or 22lbs LPG cylinder is sold.

The government’s contribution totals $18.88 for a 20lbs LPG cylinder, bringing the retail price down to $36. Their contribution for a 22lbs LPG cylinder is $20.76, bringing the retail price down to $39.60.

Moreover, Prime Minister Philip J Pierre has always been focused on meeting the everyday social and economic needs of the Saint Lucians. PM Pierre’s economic policies drive key interventions that ensure that single-parent families and those on low and fixed incomes get the best deals and opportunities to improve their livelihood.

Initially, the government of Saint Lucia announced 47 percent reduction in the retail price of the 20lbs and 22lbs LPG cylinders from January 22 to February 11, 2024. Consumers were able to save nearly half of the amount when they purchased cooking gas tanks during the mentioned period.

The government contribution totals $16.97 for a 20lbs LPG cylinder, bringing the retail price down to $36. The government contribution totals $18.66 for a 22lbs LPG cylinder, bringing the retail price down to $39.60.

The authorities are committed to providing a good living standard for their people in the country. the reduced cooking gas prices will ease the lives of many people in the nation.

Additionally, the prime minister of Saint Lucia has always been consistent and dedicated to support their citizens with every possible thing in his power and the new prices of LPG gas are expected to bring positive and fruitful outcomes.

Ana Allen
Ana Allen
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