Conviction of Chauvin could be a gigantic step towards Justice In America: US President

Conviction of Chauvin could be a gigantic step towards Justice In America: US President

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World: The President of United States, Joe Biden, declared that the conviction of former police officer Derek Chauvin in the murder of George Floyd could be a gigantic step forward in the march towards Justice In America.

However, US President warned about the fact that “we can’t stop here.”

As we all know and very well aware of the brutal incident where White officer Derek Chauvin was recorded bowing on African-American Mr. Floyd’s neck for longer than nine minutes, sparking mass demonstrations against racism.

Resources reported that “He was pronounced guilty on Tuesday of second-degree killing, third-degree murder and assassination. Sentencing is likely to arrive in two months, and Derek Chauvin could employ decades in jail. He is anticipated to appeal facing the verdict.”

In a phone call with Mr Floyd’s house after the verdict was declared, the president was heard saying: “At least now there is some equity.” BBC reported.

According to the information, a heavy crowd of people have assembled outside the courtroom and on the intersection point in Minneapolis, where George Floyd was brutally killed to commemorate the verdict.

People were waiting for the justice, and justice arrived if the verdict was the opposite (anyhow, it can’t be under Biden administration), then the agitation of the population can rebuke the government.

Correspondent of CNN tweeted, “Almost a year ago, this is the intersection where George-Floyd took his final-breaths. This is what it displayed like today after police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all charges.”

Another Twitter user tweeted, “Today is about #George Floyd, and it’s about accountability. However, I am also so glad there is a compassionate President in the White-House who is not a racist and doesn’t fan the flames of division, but recognizes the systemic racism in our nation and commits to labelling it.”

Another resident tweeted, “Justice has well and truly been served! Guilty on all 3 counts! I’ll forever be heartbroken for George’s family, and I’m just grateful that they got the justice they deserved.”