Construction work at St John River will be 70% completed ahead of rainy season: Govt of Grenada

Construction work at St John River will be 70% completed ahead of rainy season: Govt of Grenada

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Grenada: The St John’s River Migration Project would be around 70 percent completed ahead of the rainy season of 2022. This information has been released by the contractor of sunrise construction company limited, who further informed that the company has commenced the construction work on two packages (package one and two).

According to the government of Grenada, the residents of the region believe that the government has eased the burden of flow that has plagued the area for years.

One of the residents informed the government of Grenada and stated, “I experienced telephone poles were broken, and Grenada Carlos come back and put telephone poles around the place, so how important some people may think that the wall is a bit high and as per experience how important do you see it well we have to see what’s going on because I mean to say the world is true, but we have to do for beneficial for the people around.”

Yet another counted the benefits of the project for him and other advantages and outlined that “The project is a good project you know from the river coming our hamburger business you have known it’s not really bad as it is a good development because apparently if we have to move the government will have to develop place a little better because you have more space and as you see the business on them are wrong here most likely is large business. I just hope even though they move the business my business especially they put it back in a more year or better.”

Flood mitigation project

The government and the contractor company have divided the project into seven packages; of the total, four packages have been tended out, which are:-

Package one: It focused on the mouth of the Shenzhen River, which runs from Green Bridge Upstream at the humpback bridge.
Package two: The signed contractors would create designs of both the bridges.
Package three and Package four: These two packages would include the work between the post office on the river upstream and the stills bridge.