CDEMA hosts 12th meeting of CDMC virtually

CDEMA hosts 12th meeting of CDMC virtually

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12th Meeting has been held of the Comprehensive Disaster Management Coordination and Harmonization Council hosted recently by the CDEMA coordinating unit. This meeting was funded by the targeted support to the CDEMA project.

7 development partners, representatives for two sub-regional focal points came together virtually to further the CDM/Resilience conversation in the Caribbean and Nine regional institutions,

Executive Director of CDEMA Elizabeth Riley stated that the implementation of CDM to a multi-stakeholder process had been transformed during the first meeting of CDM CHC that was hosted during the year 2007.

Executive Director Elizabeth Riley said that they, as partners, had recognized the ways through the consultative CDM process that building resilience structure required the mainstreaming of CDM at the sector level. The definition of CDM spaces for technical agencies and the institutionalization of CDM within the plan of development partners. Simply put, They have been there because resilience building through the CDM continues to be a multi-stakeholder agenda.

The COVID-19 worsen the situation of complex fiscal and global climate change projections. The adjustment of the CDM CHC model has been an important highlight in moving forward with resilience. The regional capacity of the council was improved after the starting point that was the 2 days meeting.

The CDM CHC has been an essential part in strengthening the comprising Development partners, regional capacity by advancing disaster loss reduction, Sector leaders, Participating States and the Private Sector. Among its key responsibilities, CDM CHC would be contributing towards the implementation of CDM, that provides guidance for CDM knowledge sharing and support the achievements of the 2014-2024 CDM Strategy.

Since 2007, CDM had been further integrated into CDEMA’s work and strategies across the region, with the most important achievement has been the establishment of the CDM Governance Mechanism. During the time span of 2014-2024, CDM Strategy and Framework combines four Priority Outcomes for advancing CDM in the Caribbean. This includes Institutional Strengthening, Knowledge Management to support evidence-based decision making, Mainstreaming of CDM in Key Sectors, and Building Disaster Resilience.