Caribbean leaders extend wishes on the Emancipation Day 2022

Caribbean leaders extend wishes on the Emancipation Day 2022

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Caribbean: The region commemorated Emancipation Day 2022 on August 1 (Monday). The day is celebrated on the first Monday of August every year and marks the end of slavery.

To mark the independence, the island countries celebrate in a big way, with musical performances, costumed dances, sports matches, and other events. The official ceremonies are held at national capitals, where people listen to speeches, view the emancipation monument, and listen to a public concert.

On this special day, the Caribbean leaders came forward and extended warm wishes to the general public. While wishing the people of Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne stated, “God bless us all. Have a happy and safe Emancipation Day! – From the Office of The Prime Minister Antigua and Barbuda.

The minister also shared a picture which read, “One hundred and eighty-eight years of victory and triumph require them to remember the sacrifices which were made in order for everyone to enjoy a prosperous Antigua and Barbuda today.

Prime Minister of Dominica – Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, outlined, “Let us recommit to the ideals of our ancestors who bravely fought for equality, individual freedom and human dignity. Happy Emancipation Day, Dominica.

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness took social media and mentioned, “My fellow Jamaicans, every year, the Emancipation day celebrations give us an opportunity to reflect on the struggle of our ancestors for our freedom against a system that denied them their dignity and humanity. On this Emancipation Day, we honour their sacrifices by making our own sacrifices for generations to come. God bless you, and God bless Jamaica.

Celebrating Emancipation Day means to celebrate the victory of ancestors over the system that enslaved them. Emancipation day is celebrated to say that we are strong enough to overcome the slavery of our times – poverty, violent crime among our youth, high unemployment and underdevelopment. Celebrating emancipation day is a way to say that we are determined to become a prosperous nation and proud of whom we are and from where we came.
This year’s events are more than just a long overdue, grander commemoration of Emancipation,” said the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia while delivering an Emancipation Day speech.

Mark Brantley, Premier of Nevis, compared Emancipation day with the upcoming general elections (Freedom Day) and stated, “Today, August 1 is officially Emancipation Day. Friday, August 5, is Freedom Day! I am asking you to vote for your country, children, and grandchildren. I am asking you to rescue us from the dangerous path on which our country has been placed. I am asking you to go out on August 5 and vote overwhelmingly for the CCM and PAM … Two Islands One Federation One Movement One Love.