Budget 2023-2024: Saint Lucians praise PM Philip J Pierre for such dedicated budget

Budget 2023-2024: Saint Lucians praise PM Philip J Pierre for such dedicated budget

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Castries, Saint Lucia: Prime Minister of the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, who also serves as the Minister of Finance of the nation – Philip J Pierre, presented Budget 2023-2024 on April 26, 2023 (Wednesday).

Following the bills were presented, and the budget was passed in Saint Lucian Parliament, Saint Lucia Labour Party asked the general public of the nation about their views on the budget presented by the government of Saint Lucia.

While asking the people, the Saint Lucia Labour Party questioned, “What are your thoughts on this year’s Budget Presentation by Prime Minister Philip J Pierre?” The video on this was shared on the official social media handle of the Labour Party.

The comment section was also filled with the answers to the question asked by the Labour Party to the general public. One of the social media users from Saint Lucia noted, “This warms my heart! I know I made the right choice on July 26, 2021,” to this government replied, “Thank you for your support! Our Prime Minister has been able to do so much with so little, and we are so grateful for him as our Leader!”

The second Saint Lucian mentioned, “This is the best budget I have ever seen. OMG. Continue on that. Good job, my PM.” While the third commented, “Lucian in. Barbados. It was a very good budget. Had something for everyone. JP is an Angel of a prime minister. He is blessed.”

Prime Minister of Saint Lucia Pierre presented the budget 2023-2024 under the theme, “Health and Security – The Pillars for Sustainability.” During the budget, PM Pierre outlined, “We as a country have many reasons to celebrate the economic gains we made, notwithstanding the external challenges and concerns about the security of the citizens. The challenges for the day have informed the strategic choices of the government. Choices that seek a better and secured life for Saint Lucians.”