BMS: Small craft advisory alert to continue in marine

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Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) has issued a small craft advisory for above-normal swell heights in the marine area. An advisory is issued when sustained winds of 35 to 45 feet (2.5 to 3.0 metres) and sea swells of 8 to 10 feet are affecting the marine area.

General Swell Information: The seas are forecasted to remain moderate to rough in open water, with swells ranging from 2.0 to 3.0 meters, which is almost equal to 7 to 10 ft, and it could be increasing.

BMS shares that people of Barbados may experience a mix of sunshine and cloudy weather with occasional scattered light showers.

Hazard information

The Atlantic high-pressure system is the dominant feature in combination with a low-pressure system in the North Atlantic, and it is expected to generate winds of approximately 35 to 45 km/hour with higher gusts.

Notably, these conditions increase the wind speed and will result in rough sea conditions, and waves of 2.0 m to 3.0 m are likely in open waters in the coastal area. Therefore, a small craft advisory is in effect for above-normal sea swells.

Winds Forecast

Winds across Barbados: According to the weather reports of BMS, a fresh east-north-easterly to easterly breeze from 35 to 45 km/hour, equal to 22 to 28 mph, is forecasted with higher gusts.

Additionally, shallow cloud patches within the trade wind flow will continue in the eastern Caribbean as high pressure in the western Atlantic dominates the synoptic pattern.

General weather details

In January, Barbados experiences slightly cooler nights than other times of the year, often dropping to 23 degrees Celsius/ 73 degrees Celsius.

January is within the dry season; one may expect less rainfall as the humidity is low at this time, and the heat is not stifling.

This month is outside of the hurricane season, so there is very little chance of extreme weather.

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